Sun Flare & Seasons

We have had a week of howling winds and rain. Today the weather was warm and sunny. I just HAD to take a walk. With an upcoming theme at iheartfaces being sun-flare, today was my chance - might be the only one I get for a while (I did get some, but you'll have to wait to see those...)! I so love the colours of autumn, but they are fast disappearing here, as the trees look more bare every day. I took my two youngest and we were out for about an hour and a half - you can see how it went from a sunny day to dusk while we walked. I love what I captured - nearly all the 250 shots! This is a small sampling...

(the house in the trees is where we live :D )

The leaning tower of Wybunbury!

The seasons of a Chestnut Tree

Goosey Goosey Gander!

And then, as we came up our road, on my neighbours tree, there was blossom! Sweet, smelling blossom! How is that?! I even had to use my flash, it was that dark, but I like it anyhow.

If you want to see some more (like that wasn't enough) you can check out the album by clicking below;


Anonymous said...

Fabulous!!! My favorite (besides your beautiful children, of course) is the one with the Swan Inn - very quaint! You live in a beautiful area. I will be following your blog!